ABOVE the original image of the Lab-yrinth (it is a detail of the work); BELOW the same image, but with some changes to be identified.

© Roberto Alborghetti – The Lab-yrinth Collage.

Here is the second challenge to play on the black and white platform of the Lab-yrinth collage. It is a very simple game: it involves identifying the changes that have been made on the original image of the Lab-yrinth (ABOVE). Everyone can give themselves a space of time in which to find the solution. From the tests already carried out on groups of students, the differences can be identified in a few seconds: there are those who have even succeeded in 10 seconds. So, have fun with Lab-yrinth collage!

© Roberto Alborghetti – The Lab-yrinth Collage in the “negative” version


The labyrinth has always fascinated the mind and eyes of human beings. It is…

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