© Roberto Alborghetti – The Lab-yrinth Collage.

How to enter the Lab-yrinth and find the way out. Here is another challenge to play on the black and white collage (the negative version was chosen). To facilitate the game, the access door has been identified, positioned on the right side and indicated by the red arrow (on the white path). To make the challenge more exciting, the obligatory exit door has also been indicated, positioned on the left side and always indicated by the red arrow. When this game was proposed to the students, on the pages of the Fundiario, a minimum execution time was indicated, ie 1 minute. You can obviously play individually and also in groups. So, best wishes for finding your way out of the Lab-yrinth as quickly as possible!

© Roberto Alborghetti – The Lab-yrinth Collage in the “negative” version


The labyrinth has…

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